Zbigniew Nosowski

journalist, writer, Catholic activist; editor-in-chief of the Catholic quarterly review “Więź” in Warsaw; lay auditor at the Synods of Bishops in the Vatican 2001 and 2005; consultor of the Pontifical Council for the Laity in the Vatican 2002-2008; Christian co-chairman of the Polish Council of Christians and Jews 2007-2009 and again since 2017; member of the Board of the Warsaw KIK (Club of Catholic Intellectuals) 1991-2009;  coorganiser of the international and ecumenical Gniezno Conventions; author of numerous publications, e.g. : Parami do nieba. Małżeńska droga świętości [‘As Couples to Heaven. The Marital Way of Holiness’] (2004, 2010); Krytyczna wierność. Jakiego katolicyzmu Polacy potrzebują [‘Critical Fidelity. What Kind of Catholicism is Needed for Poles’] (2014), Dzieci Soboru zadają pytania [‘Children of Vatican II ask questions’] (coauthor and editor, 1996).